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What if you had to rob a bank to steal time with your brother?
"Whelm" is a thriller set deep in the Great Depression where two estranged brothers get tangled in a rivalry between a legendary bank robber and an eccentric young criminal. Through a series of bizarre occurrences, they are forced to claim allegiance to one, as they hunt down the other. As they dig deeper for the truth they find that they are part of a larger historic scheme.


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When war ends. The fight for the truth begins.
THE LAST WITNESS is a political thriller based on the harrowing true events of the Katyn Massacre in Spring 1940. In post-WW2 England, ambitious journalist Stephen Underwood (Alex Pettyfer) comes across a disturbing spate of suicides by Polish soldiers. Sensing a story, his first port of call is Colonel Janusz Pietrowski, a Liaison Officer for the re-settlement of Polish troops under British command, but the meeting leaves Stephen unsettled and from here his investigation escalates as he finds himself embroiled in a dangerous, multi-layered conspiracy concerning the execution of 22,000 Polish military and civilians by Stalin's secret police.

Love is not Love

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How many lives do you think you get to live?
Meet Frank. Frank’s not young. Meet Reyna. Reyna is young. They become lovers, but Frank winds up back at the fragile altar of his 30-year marriage to Paula. Who’d he pick? Two Irish Construction Workers dig for the answer in the myth of Tristan and Isolde. Do we make our own choices or does Fate do it for us in this all-too-mortal conflict between you and the one you’re still looking for.


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A young low-level drug dealer is reunited with his estranged mom and uncle to protect him when a ruthless drug kingpin puts a hit on him.

Legacy of Lies

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An ex-MI6 agent is thrown back into the world of espionage to uncover the shocking truth about the Russian chemical weapons program.
Former MI6 agent Martin Baxter has been haunted for the past twelve years. It is because during an assignment in which he went undercover as a journalist in Ukraine, he not only lost a cache of important files to the Russians, but he lost the love of his life as a result. Now retired and constantly moving with daughter Lisa, Martin makes his money in underground fighting as well as work as a bouncer at a local nightclub in London. One night is set to change things forever for him. Sasha, the daughter of the journalist Martin worked with years ago, has found him and needs his help in finding the lost documents so she can expose the Russians’ interference when it is revealed that a diplomat in the U.S. has been exposed to the nerve toxin that the documents Sasha is looking for could involve. However, when the Russians, led by Tatyana, kidnap Lisa to ensure Martin works for them and get both the documents and Sasha. To make matters worse, CIA agent Trevor and MI6 agent John are hot on Martin’s trail as they fear he may be getting back into a game he never should have returned in. Will Martin be able to rescue his daughter or will things go awry?


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"The Universe only obeys the law of love ... at the rest, universe rebels ..."
Saverio discovers that his beloved mother, Rosa, is suffering from Alzheimer's syndrome. Disturbed by this, he decides to take her to his home, but because of family problems that arise, soon he is forced to take her to an assisted health residence. One day, at his mother's house, he accidentally finds love letters that his father wrote to her. Saverio reads them to his mother, and unexpectedly realizes that dormant emotions resurface overwhelmingly in her. He decides together with the animator to represent them in a show. These love letters through the mechanism of reminiscence, They will "defeat" the Alzheimer's syndrome at least for a moment... and the son, Saverio, through these, will in turn have some benefits, rediscovering the meaning of the word love.