Legacy of Lies

Films, Friday | Drama - Thrillers

1H 41MIN

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An ex-MI6 agent is thrown back into the world of espionage to uncover the shocking truth about the Russian chemical weapons program.
Former MI6 agent Martin Baxter has been haunted for the past twelve years. It is because during an assignment in which he went undercover as a journalist in Ukraine, he not only lost a cache of important files to the Russians, but he lost the love of his life as a result. Now retired and constantly moving with daughter Lisa, Martin makes his money in underground fighting as well as work as a bouncer at a local nightclub in London. One night is set to change things forever for him. Sasha, the daughter of the journalist Martin worked with years ago, has found him and needs his help in finding the lost documents so she can expose the Russians’ interference when it is revealed that a diplomat in the U.S. has been exposed to the nerve toxin that the documents Sasha is looking for could involve. However, when the Russians, led by Tatyana, kidnap Lisa to ensure Martin works for them and get both the documents and Sasha. To make matters worse, CIA agent Trevor and MI6 agent John are hot on Martin’s trail as they fear he may be getting back into a game he never should have returned in. Will Martin be able to rescue his daughter or will things go awry?

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Directed by Adrian Bol

Written by Adrian Bol

Production Company Legacy Films

Produced by Alla Belaya
Krzysztof Solek
Adrian Bol

Cast Scott Adkins
Yuliia Sobol
Honor Kneafsey
Anna Butkevich
Martin McDoughall
Victor Sole
Marco Robinson
Tetiana Nosenko
Sami Karim
Leon Sua
Tom Ashley.