Love is not Love

Films, Friday | Drama - Thrillers

1H 34MIN

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How many lives do you think you get to live?
Meet Frank. Frank’s not young. Meet Reyna. Reyna is young. They become lovers, but Frank winds up back at the fragile altar of his 30-year marriage to Paula. Who’d he pick? Two Irish Construction Workers dig for the answer in the myth of Tristan and Isolde. Do we make our own choices or does Fate do it for us in this all-too-mortal conflict between you and the one you’re still looking for.

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Directed by Stephen Keep Mills

Written by Stephen Keep Mills

Production Company Triskelion Entertainment

Produced by Stephen Keep Mills

Cast Alejandra Gollas
Louise Martin
Tonya Cornelisse
Russell Simpson
Cameron Tagge
Cathy Shim
Stephen Keep Mills
Tamela D'Amico