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"The Universe only obeys the law of love ... at the rest, universe rebels ..."
Saverio discovers that his beloved mother, Rosa, is suffering from Alzheimer's syndrome. Disturbed by this, he decides to take her to his home, but because of family problems that arise, soon he is forced to take her to an assisted health residence. One day, at his mother's house, he accidentally finds love letters that his father wrote to her. Saverio reads them to his mother, and unexpectedly realizes that dormant emotions resurface overwhelmingly in her. He decides together with the animator to represent them in a show. These love letters through the mechanism of reminiscence, They will "defeat" the Alzheimer's syndrome at least for a moment... and the son, Saverio, through these, will in turn have some benefits, rediscovering the meaning of the word love.

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Directed by Domenico Costanzo

Written by Domenico Costanzo whit collaboration Stefano Silvestri

Production Company Domenico Costanzo

Produced by Domenico Costanzo

Cast Nicola Pecci- Rossana Susini- Benedetta Rossi - Monica Bauco- Alisea Batazzi- Viola Volp-i Sergio Forconi- Sandro Trippi- Aurora Giunta- Luciano Casaredi – Alessandro Baccini Lorenzo Provvedi Fioralba Kraja