New Media Block #1

Thursday | Comedy - New Media - LGBTQ


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The Influencers

In her quest to become a high powered Hollywood agent… a young ambitious woman ends up at a tiny company managing crazy YouTube stars… n
Mia thinks she’s interviewing for her dream job, assisting A-list stars, but soon realizes she’s at the wrong company… and has been hired to manage crazy YouTube Influencers. When one appears, playing an “epic prank” for his channel, Mia’s sarcastic suggestions accidentally impress the team, and get her promoted.

The Park

Take a walk in The Park.
Sherm and Dominique are former gang members-turned-outreach workers in Chicago tasked with reducing gun violence among their high-risk clients, who are already facing an array of challenges that keep them on the streets. When a social media confrontation goes viral and reignites a dormant rivalry between two groups, they are given a mandate by their superior: shut it down. Facing battles on multiple fronts, Sherm and Dominique's skills are put to the test as their clients' safety and well-being hang in the balance.