The Park



Take a walk in The Park.
Sherm and Dominique are former gang members-turned-outreach workers in Chicago tasked with reducing gun violence among their high-risk clients, who are already facing an array of challenges that keep them on the streets. When a social media confrontation goes viral and reignites a dormant rivalry between two groups, they are given a mandate by their superior: shut it down. Facing battles on multiple fronts, Sherm and Dominique's skills are put to the test as their clients' safety and well-being hang in the balance.

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Directed by Adam Hinkle

Written by Adam Hinkle
Travis Williams

Production Company 50 Ward Films

Produced by Adam Hinkle
Brian Hinkle
Alexandra Keels
Chris Patterson
Whitney Jones

Cast Corey Demon
Marquecia Jordan
Jonathan Daniel Boyden
Charlita Williams
Chris McClellan
Isaac Howard
Justin Lee Hogue
Aaron Reese Boseman
Vonzell Scott
James Gordon
DeAndre Brown
Malcom Banks
C Lynn Johnson
London Arrington
Wayne Hayer
Adam Hinkle
Chandra Michaels
Rohan Sinha
Ian Harris
Caleb DeBerry
Ralph Edwards