The Influencers



In her quest to become a high powered Hollywood agent… a young ambitious woman ends up at a tiny company managing crazy YouTube stars… n
Mia thinks she’s interviewing for her dream job, assisting A-list stars, but soon realizes she’s at the wrong company… and has been hired to manage crazy YouTube Influencers. When one appears, playing an “epic prank” for his channel, Mia’s sarcastic suggestions accidentally impress the team, and get her promoted.

Included with


Directed by Katie Burris

Written by Ally Kornfeld
Desiree Staples

Production Company Co.Lab Productions / Pandanas Productions

Produced by Desiree Staples
Ally Kornfeld
Rachel Greenwald

Cast Desiree Staples - Mia
Jeff Harms - Greg
PJ McCormick - Irwin
Daniel Floren - Preston
Nabeel Muscatwalla - Pizza Guy
Chris Ruetten - Kai
Katie Burris - Preston's Sister
Rachel Greenwald - Staring Girl.