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Phone Stack

Just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean he's not texting you.
A group of friends try not to look at their phones for one dinner — but one woman obsesses about the texts she thinks she’s missing from her boyfriend. And her paranoia proves right…

The Bibcocks' Incursion

A man is pushed to the brink when he finds himself up against three uncontrollable bathroom sinks.
A simple trip to the bathroom drives a man to the brink when the motion sensors in the sink faucets malfunction. Pressed for time, Jordan Rafferty grows increasingly desperate as he races from sink to sink in a vain attempt to rinse his hands.

Little Victories

In Little Victories, a funny and touching short film based on a true story, Sam (Matt Walsh) visits his mother (Lila Garrett) three times a week at her assisted living facility. When Sam thinks his mom is confused and doesn't know who he is, he becomes worried not only for her but also for himself. He's heard that dementia may be hereditary. However in a surprising and humorous turn of events, Sam learns from another resident (Sy Richardson) that his mother may be doing better than he thought. Little Victories explores the heartaches and joys that accompany getting older. Yes, there are joys.

40-Something...and Single

A bumbling newly-single mother navigates dating and parenting poorly in Los Angeles
Tina Arning (Tacoma FD, Modern Family, Everybody Loves Raymond) stars as a bumbling newly-single mother navigating dating and parenting poorly in Los Angeles CREATED AND WRITTEN BY: Tina Arning DIRECTOR: Moosie Drier PRODUCER: Lucia Gervino EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Lillian Garcia and Tina Arning CINEMATOGRAPHER: Ryan Constantino HAIR AND MAKEUP: Jerilynn Stephens MAKEUP: Erin Woolridge

Two Out-of-Work Actors

There are Winners and Losers, Especially in Hollywood.
Two desperate guys battle wits with a big name Hollywood producer in a pitch meeting gone wrong.