Little Victories



In Little Victories, a funny and touching short film based on a true story, Sam (Matt Walsh) visits his mother (Lila Garrett) three times a week at her assisted living facility. When Sam thinks his mom is confused and doesn't know who he is, he becomes worried not only for her but also for himself. He's heard that dementia may be hereditary. However in a surprising and humorous turn of events, Sam learns from another resident (Sy Richardson) that his mother may be doing better than he thought. Little Victories explores the heartaches and joys that accompany getting older. Yes, there are joys.

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Directed by Dean Cameron

Written by Sy Rosen

Production Company SDR
Six14 Productions
Cattle Prod. Inc

Produced by Sy Rosen
Dean Cameron
Justin Sloggatt
Eliza Roberts
Jim Preminger

Cast Matt Walsh
Lila Garrett
Sy Richardson