40-Something...and Single



A bumbling newly-single mother navigates dating and parenting poorly in Los Angeles
Tina Arning (Tacoma FD, Modern Family, Everybody Loves Raymond) stars as a bumbling newly-single mother navigating dating and parenting poorly in Los Angeles CREATED AND WRITTEN BY: Tina Arning DIRECTOR: Moosie Drier PRODUCER: Lucia Gervino EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Lillian Garcia and Tina Arning CINEMATOGRAPHER: Ryan Constantino HAIR AND MAKEUP: Jerilynn Stephens MAKEUP: Erin Woolridge

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Directed by Moosie Drier

Written by Tina Arning

Production Company United Mamas Productions

Produced by Tina Arning
Lucia Gervino
Lillian Garcia

Cast Tina Arning
Giovanna Brazell
Lillian Garcia
Barrett Brazell
Bowdoin Brazell
Byron Thames
Jim Balbirer