We Stand With You



A young girl and her family must face their deepest fears head on in order to make an incredibly difficult decision.
"We Stand With You" tells the story of HANNA, a fourteen-year-old girl who was raped at her first high school party. Hanna decides to have an abortion, but her anxieties increase when her parents warn her that there might be a group of people outside the clinic, protesting her very personal decision. Hanna ends up realizing that she must open her eyes to the love around her and drown out the critics in order to discover her bravery in this highly difficult time.

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Directed by Niki Koss

Written by Ally Cron-DeVico

Production Company Tilda Productions

Produced by Niki Koss
Theresa Picciallo
Samantha Baugnon
Ally Cron-DeVico

Cast Yara Raymond
Amber Wegner
Aristotle Dreher