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Love Can Be Selfish
"Dignity" is a love story between a woman and her family. However, the family's strength is tested when a moral decision must be made.


In the world of BloodLands, moral compromise is the name of the game. Our hero's must become villains in order to find justice.
Detective Marie Trevino has discover a serial killer working the US/Mexico border.Killing young Immigrate women.Faced with politics, Trevino is forced to partner up with Detective Braden Greggs. Together they form an uneasy alliance with each other to stop a killer who's gone undetected for decades. Overseeing their investigation is the unscrupulous and corrupt Sheriff Lonnie Dugan and his son Grus.Together, they need to steer the investigation away from the smugglers, sex traffickers, and cartel members they protect. The two detectives quest for the truth uncovers a web of criminal activity on both sides of the law that will make them question their own moral compass. Only one will survive.

We Stand With You

A young girl and her family must face their deepest fears head on in order to make an incredibly difficult decision.
"We Stand With You" tells the story of HANNA, a fourteen-year-old girl who was raped at her first high school party. Hanna decides to have an abortion, but her anxieties increase when her parents warn her that there might be a group of people outside the clinic, protesting her very personal decision. Hanna ends up realizing that she must open her eyes to the love around her and drown out the critics in order to discover her bravery in this highly difficult time.

The Shot

Set in the Republic of Texas, a mother of two must do whatever she can to protect her family.
A young mother is forced to extreme measures when a Texas Ranger and his mysterious partner seek shelter from the rain. Set in 1844, Republic of Texas, The Shot is a story of survival and prejudice.