The Big Nothing

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Time Will Fold...
In 1973 Los Angeles, a young and naive private detective named Jack Delacourt eagerly takes on his first big case, the strange disappearance of Caroline Fairfax, the daughter of former Hollywood movie star Lydia Fairfax.The atmosphere is hazy and the leads are even hazier. Jack quickly finds himself in way over his head as he comes into contact with "unsavory types" and otherworldly forces.

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Directed by Keaton Landis

Written by Keaton Landis

Production Company Landis & Son Pictures

Produced by Keaton Landis
Richard Eggly
J.C. Rincon

Cast Jacob Beitter
J.C. Rincon
Richard Eggly
Molly Wiggins
Joseph Bongiovanni
Cambell Dodson
Cheyann Dillon
Annalea Fiachi