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A Feral World

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The apocalypse is no place for a boy
• Logline: A dystopian tale of a boy and a woman, two survivors of the apocalypse, as they journey together to rescue her daughter from captivity. • Long Synopsis: A lost little boy in a post-apocalyptic world, meets a woman (and her dog) who is trying to find her lost daughter. A mother/son bond is formed and several years pass as they stumble upon clues of the daughter's whereabouts. Their journey is both heartwarming and horrific, and ultimately it brings them face-to-face with a despot who has the daughter in captivity.

Await the Dawn

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She's done waiting....Now she wants in.
A troubled family traveling cross country are highjacked by a desperate man. Only to discover he's running from something more dangerous than he is.

Fox Hunt Drive

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Alison, a down-on-her-luck young professional, spends her evenings trying to make ends meet as a ride-share driver. Wrapping her shift, she decides to take on one last passenger - only to find herself in unexpected danger when she discovers the mysterious stranger is not what he appears to be. Alison is cajoled into taking the fare against her better judgement, and when she discovers blood-stained jewelry and a gun in his bag, she begins to fear that she may not make it out of this trip alive. Through a twisted turn of events, Alison turns to her enigmatic passenger for help. In over her head, she must get through the night covering her tracks, avoiding the police, and discovering who her inscrutable passenger truly is.

The Voices

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Grace discovers her sister Catherine's haunting secret and is shocked to see just how far Catherine will go to protect it.
In this female-driven psychological thriller, Grace Crawford seeks sanctuary at the remote home of her sister, Catherine, after a sudden breakup with her fiance. While there, it becomes clear that Catherine is suffering from paranoid schizophrenia, much like their late mother, who had taken her own life. While coming to terms with this heavy realization, Grace also uncovers another terrible little secret that has her struggling to maintain her own sanity and ultimately, scurrying to save herself and her family from further harm.

The Big Nothing

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Time Will Fold...
In 1973 Los Angeles, a young and naive private detective named Jack Delacourt eagerly takes on his first big case, the strange disappearance of Caroline Fairfax, the daughter of former Hollywood movie star Lydia Fairfax.The atmosphere is hazy and the leads are even hazier. Jack quickly finds himself in way over his head as he comes into contact with "unsavory types" and otherworldly forces.


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There is Something Noble Inside You
A species of creatures known as "thoriphants" rebel against their life of servitude and embark on a treacherous journey to find the fabled city of Uprights.