Sci-fi / Fantasy / Horror - Block #2

Saturday Night | Night of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror


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Learns and adapts to your needs
Cybele, one of the many salespeople working for Ex Nihilo Robotics, is preparing the latest items for display at the Home Robotics Expo. She gets news that the tech team in charge of setting up the prototype is going to be massively delayed. Cybele is going to have to set up the prototype herself, something she’s not done before. But with a clear handbook, her trusty laptop, and a direct connection to HQ, setting up little MIDAS, the prototype, should be a piece of cake. That’s until MIDAS wakes up, and surprises her, and causes her to feel a connection to it she didn’t think was possible.


A secondary result
Completely unaware that she is just moments away from being murdered at the hands of her abusive boyfriend, Amy’s pair of ragtag guardian angels, a jaded professional and a rookie, lock down their tried and true game plan, only to discover circumstances have changed. They must now abandon their initial attempts and think outside of the box to save Amy from certain death. The rookie angel soon discovers this rescue mission is as much about the victim as it is her perpetrator.


Are. You. Scared?
A troubled teen witnesses a murder and is captured and tested by the killer.


Be careful what you wish for...
"Ghosted" follows a team of paranormal investigators who turn their haunted house explorations into a popular web series. But in this series, all the scares are fake; staged with great care by the "investigators". But now, the team just may have stumbled upon a real haunted house. One where the scares are all-too real. One that seeks to trap them inside its cursed walls forever.


Two lost souls, separated by a random act of violence, must find their way back to each other before time runs out. Based off of the original short story by Stephen King.


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Remember The Scent.
Ever since a fatal accident, Sunghoon's life has never been the same. Driven by an uncanny ability he spends his days in a room piecing together memories from the past. But to him they're not just memories. They're clues that could possibly hold the key to saving someone he loves.


A world-renowned psychiatrist is put to the test when a mysterious patient reveals his true identity.