Learns and adapts to your needs
Cybele, one of the many salespeople working for Ex Nihilo Robotics, is preparing the latest items for display at the Home Robotics Expo. She gets news that the tech team in charge of setting up the prototype is going to be massively delayed. Cybele is going to have to set up the prototype herself, something she’s not done before. But with a clear handbook, her trusty laptop, and a direct connection to HQ, setting up little MIDAS, the prototype, should be a piece of cake. That’s until MIDAS wakes up, and surprises her, and causes her to feel a connection to it she didn’t think was possible.

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Directed by Razan Takash

Written by Nidal Morra

Production Company Razz Reviews

Produced by Nechteh Apelian
Razan Takash

Cast Dana Dajani
Sara Alkhatib