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1H 26MIN

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A film about regret and the single minded pursuit of redemption.
In search of her father's murderer, Nina meets the aged ex-cop Rainer. Soon, the young loner and the failed family man fill a gap in each other's lives. But as Nina digs deeper into the past she discovers that Rainer is keeping secrets that cast a long shadow of doubt onto everything she thought she knew. Venturing into mortal danger, Nina and Rainer must each make the ultimate decision of how to face the past.

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Directed by Marc Göbel

Written by Marc Göbel

Production Company Blaue Loge Filmproduktion

Produced by Marc Göbel
Janis Marx
Jonathan Blume

Cast Tanja Hirner
Ronald Nitschke
Carl Achleitner
Reiner Wagner
Micky Jukovic
Mario Fuchs
Renate Kohn
Susanne Berckhemer
Emrah Erdogru
Stefanie Dreyer
Anke Moosmayer
Christoph Stein
Michael Matveev
Robert Menke
Willi Bleidorn
Rebecca Nessel