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Zu den Sternen

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Decades after the Fall of the Berlin Wall Singer Marco Hoffmann has reached the peak of his popularity. But suddenly the ex frontman of the DDR-Rock-Band "DIE KOSMONAUTEN" is accused by his former band member Volker Hinze to be that particular "IM Sänger" that ratted him out to the Stasi back then. The conspirational meeting of the past blood brothers turns into an argument about life and death.


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Denying your past is facing your destiny.
An adaptation of the famous Bulgarian story, written by Yordan Yovkov, of a father using his daughter as a bait in order to capture Shibil – a local brigand who has become a threat to authorities and a legend among young men. This is a story of impossible love, seen through he eyes of an unexpected character – the incarnated soul of the main character, Shibil’s horse.


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A search of unanswered questions.
It's a story about different genders and the challenges they have to face in society. It explores the relationships that suffer from these challenges.


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A film about regret and the single minded pursuit of redemption.
In search of her father's murderer, Nina meets the aged ex-cop Rainer. Soon, the young loner and the failed family man fill a gap in each other's lives. But as Nina digs deeper into the past she discovers that Rainer is keeping secrets that cast a long shadow of doubt onto everything she thought she knew. Venturing into mortal danger, Nina and Rainer must each make the ultimate decision of how to face the past.

After The Rain (Jamgyrdan Kiin)

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The unfailing love of a Kyrgyz father
Suyun, the beloved youngest daughter one day disappears from the street. Her family sinks with a phone call revealing that an unknown man had kidnapped her to be his bride. Driven by love, they try to save her at all costs no matter what shame comes in the way, and going to places where no one dares to go.