The film LOCKDOWN was conceived as a way to embrace the globally enforced home confinement during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) Public Health Emergency of 2020. Filmmakers Paul London and Tracey Moberly invited friends and family to contribute to the film project using mobile devices only. Thirty six contributors globally submitted their visions of the safety enforced LOCKDOWN and confinement to the boundaries of their gardens and homes. Contributors were encouraged to look closely at their newly restricted environment. They produced moving imagery which celebrated their part of the worlds seasons and surrounding elements - from areas within Australia, Burma, Canada, Spain, Switzerland, Tibet, U.K. and U.S.A. It encapsulates studies of things that were once so familiar to them that they were ignored, but through filmic investigation now portrayed in a new light. Telegraph poles and wires symbolically feature throughout the film emphasizing connectivity with all - whether through sharing video clips, photos or voice messages globally. Mating jackdaws fill the skies in pairs along with other nesting birds emphasizing the transition into Spring for some of the contributors - imagery of autumnal and winter flora and fauna for others. The film’s juxtaposition of a two box square design reflects the format used by many in the connectivity adopted by social media. LOCKDOWN uses no words. A powerful repetitive tribal chant tells its story providing emotional direction reminding the viewer that we are all in this together.

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Directed by Paul London & Tracey Moberly

Production Company KIK Films

Produced by Paul London