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One Night In L.A.

Experience a brand new, exotic perfume for Women.


A satirical P.S.A. Newsreel championing your patriotic duty during the pandemic.
A satirical 1940's themes newsreel calling on every American to do their patriotic duty during this current pandemic.

A COVID-19 LOVE STORY : Marcus & Mary

A COVID-19 Love Story : Marcus & Mary
During the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown, Marcus is ready to end it all but before he does, he has two people to call. Trying to reach his brother, he misdials and connects with Mary, who unbeknownst to her, saves his life. Shot during the COVID-19 lockdown of 2020 from two separate locations entirely on iPhones.


Directed, filmed, and performed by Connor Alhart, "Lovely" is an experimental film that uses modern dance techniques and elements of contact improvisation. The film tells a simple story of what it feels like to look into the mirror can not recognize the person looking back.

You Have A Virus!

If you feel a little run down, you probably have a virus.
This documentary, comedy short and faux-PSA imagines a better world with a solution and cure for Covid19. Fashioned after the classic PSAs of the 1950s, You Have A Virus! promotes a completely imaginary product to pull you out of those lockdown blues.


A Moment of Freedom
As the days drag on into an uncertain future, a housebound doodler steps into the world of his sketchbook and embarks on a fantastic adventure. From dinosaurs to mermaids, our main character experiences a place unlike any other. Alongside him is his guide, a woman who saves him from dangerous heights and someone he can trust in this bizarre and exciting world. From now on, he knows that adventure is just a doodle away.


He just wants to hang out
A man attempts to leave his house, only to encounter his neighbor Larry, who is deathly ill and believes Covid19 to be a hoax. Arguing through a closed door, the situation quickly escalates into a darkly comic hostage situation as Larry refuses to leave until the man comes outside to hang out with

Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal
A metal-loving motorhead finds himself in a tight spot.


Exploring the lives of the original owners of a house through old and decayed film reels left behind.
After the purchase of a house built in the 40's, a collection of old and decayed film reels is discovered in the garage. Now, during the COVID-19 crisis, the new owners of the house will try to uncover the history of the house and its original owners.

Why We Protest

A reflection on racism in America
A reflection on racism in America

Prime Directive

Henry and Julia are just a normal couple on a normal day. Wait, something's not quite right ...


His dream turned into a nightmare
A young man has issues with nightmares and there is a girl he loves. Maybe she can save him or maybe he can save her.


The film LOCKDOWN was conceived as a way to embrace the globally enforced home confinement during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) Public Health Emergency of 2020. Filmmakers Paul London and Tracey Moberly invited friends and family to contribute to the film project using mobile devices only. Thirty six contributors globally submitted their visions of the safety enforced LOCKDOWN and confinement to the boundaries of their gardens and homes. Contributors were encouraged to look closely at their newly restricted environment. They produced moving imagery which celebrated their part of the worlds seasons and surrounding elements - from areas within Australia, Burma, Canada, Spain, Switzerland, Tibet, U.K. and U.S.A. It encapsulates studies of things that were once so familiar to them that they were ignored, but through filmic investigation now portrayed in a new light. Telegraph poles and wires symbolically feature throughout the film emphasizing connectivity with all - whether through sharing video clips, photos or voice messages globally. Mating jackdaws fill the skies in pairs along with other nesting birds emphasizing the transition into Spring for some of the contributors - imagery of autumnal and winter flora and fauna for others. The film’s juxtaposition of a two box square design reflects the format used by many in the connectivity adopted by social media. LOCKDOWN uses no words. A powerful repetitive tribal chant tells its story providing emotional direction reminding the viewer that we are all in this together.

Dr. Tramp and The Great Cure

Oblivious to the Obvious.
An unemployed and quarantined clown has an epiphany.


One doesn't stay down forever.
A young woman must come to term with the fact that her relationship isn't a healthy one, and will need to find a way to stand up for herself.

Alone Apart

Stuck at home during COVID-19 lockdown
Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, unable to return home to his wife and daughter, musician Mark is stuck at his Mother’s house in Scotland. His wife, Ginger, is not very happy!

Don't Wash Your Hands

A man washing his hands discovers unintended consequences
A man washing his hands discovers unintended consequences

Message from the U.S. Govt.

Satirical government propaganda for "Safer At Home"
A comedic take on a World-War 2 style military propaganda video that focuses on proper techniques for isolating at home during Covid-19.

The Singletons

A socially distanced experiment produced remotely
A family of four is in for a ride when their two adult children are stuck at their parents’ home at the beginning of the pandemic lockdown. A socially distanced experiment filmed entirely remotely from every actor's and crew person's own home.

Love in the time of Covid

Love in the time of Covid ~ a true love story ~
The new normal ~ living and dating in 2020

The Garage

A young boy meets the thing that goes bump in the night in his grandmother's garage.
A young boy meets the thing that goes bump in the night in his grandmother's garage.