Green Cobra



In an abandoned warehouse just outside of town with thick walls and plenty of drainage, no one can hear you scream.
A new era of “Woke” criminals have…awoken…and they are taking over our streets! With a focus on equality and inclusivity. Through the help of a few faith based universities like ‘Saint Anthony’s College #2’ the criminal underworld is offering job training, placement and even health benefits in many honest careers. Such as: Locksmithing, Web Securities, Trauma Waste Cleaning , Auto Repair, PharmD, Waste Management and many more. Yes, Tony’s is truly opening the doors & building a diverse, and affordable, pool of talent. Enter (Name Deleted), A.K.A. GREEN COBRA, an ex DMV nine-to-fiver turned into the rising star in the world of assassins. The pride of her class, Green Cobra walks a camera crew through her rise in the industry as-well-as her uniquely horrific & therapeutic methods of torture on an unknown man who has slept with the wife of a Russian crime boss named BOGDAN. It’s just another ‘9AM’ for the Green Cobra.

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Directed by Sigurd Culhane

Written by Chris Valdez
Patrick Tamisiea

Production Company Some Company Films

Produced by Chris Valdez
Sigurd Culhane

Cast Colleen Foy
Patrick Tamisiea
Greg Santos
Max Crandall
Sam Marks & Colin Willkie