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Thursday | Comedy - New Media - LGBTQ


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A Beautiful Day In The Park

You never know who you might meet...
A jogger meets a stranger in the park and has a surprising and enlightening conversation.

Let's Play House - Los Angeles

These house hunters are pre-qualified... pre-approved... and pre-schooled!
In order to pull off the deal of her career, high-powered LA real estate agent, Nicole Nash, must deal with her two most difficult clients yet. At 3 and 6 years old, these demanding house hunters drive her past a crazy she may never find her way back from -- even with the help of her Tesla’s GPS!

Sunday Dinner

Sunday Dinner
After the recent death of their parents, a passionate Italian-American family reunites to enjoy their customary Sunday dinner. But one of them has a major confession that threatens to unravel their beloved tradition.

Friends In Safe Places

A music video parody of the Garth Brooks song "Friends In Low Places".

Five Old Comedy Writers Talking Sh*t

They're funny. They're old. They're talkin' sh*t.
In this short film five old friends who are comedy writers (Ed Asner, Peter Bonerz, Dyan Cannon, Otis Day and Christina Pickles) argue about life, death, racism, what's funny, directors, film festivals, dating actresses (Candy Clark), murder and bagels.

Green Cobra

In an abandoned warehouse just outside of town with thick walls and plenty of drainage, no one can hear you scream.
A new era of “Woke” criminals have…awoken…and they are taking over our streets! With a focus on equality and inclusivity. Through the help of a few faith based universities like ‘Saint Anthony’s College #2’ the criminal underworld is offering job training, placement and even health benefits in many honest careers. Such as: Locksmithing, Web Securities, Trauma Waste Cleaning , Auto Repair, PharmD, Waste Management and many more. Yes, Tony’s is truly opening the doors & building a diverse, and affordable, pool of talent. Enter (Name Deleted), A.K.A. GREEN COBRA, an ex DMV nine-to-fiver turned into the rising star in the world of assassins. The pride of her class, Green Cobra walks a camera crew through her rise in the industry as-well-as her uniquely horrific & therapeutic methods of torture on an unknown man who has slept with the wife of a Russian crime boss named BOGDAN. It’s just another ‘9AM’ for the Green Cobra.