Happiness is everywhere. You just have to dive in.
FUBAR is based on a short story by Kurt Vonnegut that no one read until after he was dead. Funny how that works sometimes. FUBAR is the story of a not quite young woman named FUZZ LITTLER. A wholly unremarkable but unflinchingly dutiful employee to a company that barely remembers she works for them and a daughter to a woman who hasn’t been well in a decade. FUZZ endures the passive bludgeoning of existence but in the end discovers that when no one is minding the till, you can do whatever you’d like.

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Directed by Sami Issa Mustaklem

Written by Sami Issa Mustaklem

Production Company Pigasus Pictures
3rd Strand Productions & Sweet Revenge Pictures

Produced by Zachary Spicer
Gordon Strain
Clark Kosene
Alex Kosene
Sami Issa Mustaklem

Cast Lisa Ermel
Lewis Black
Jeffrey Grover
Katherine Smith-Rodden
Amber Wedding
Bridget C. Haight
Constance Macy
Cynthia Collins