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To prepare for a Shiva, two sisters go through their mother's belongings and get swept up in the emotional storm of loss, laughter and love.
A very pregnant Jen rushes home from her mother's funeral to prepare for Shiva that evening. While she fumbles through an unfamiliar Jewish ritual and her own grief, her sister Hannah enters like a hurricane. The two sisters approach to life and loss could not be more different. Each has her own secrets to share and possibly some healing to do...


Happiness is everywhere. You just have to dive in.
FUBAR is based on a short story by Kurt Vonnegut that no one read until after he was dead. Funny how that works sometimes. FUBAR is the story of a not quite young woman named FUZZ LITTLER. A wholly unremarkable but unflinchingly dutiful employee to a company that barely remembers she works for them and a daughter to a woman who hasn’t been well in a decade. FUZZ endures the passive bludgeoning of existence but in the end discovers that when no one is minding the till, you can do whatever you’d like.


Tinhead explores Becca’s dependency on her father’s dependency on her, how defining her life in those terms has left her living in the past, unable to move on, and whether she’s happy with that existence. Becca cares for her elderly father, Tim, who suffers from dementia and spends his days transfixed by a TV that he keeps tuned to static. Becca’s brother tries to convince her to place Tim in assisted living, which she resists, insisting that both her and Tim’s life is better with him at home. After returning from a tour of the assisted living facility, Becca finds Tim seems to have taken a turn for the worse. He pushes her to join him in staring into the static, and she must decide whether to continue humoring him.

Call Me

A friend you need is closer that you think
The film is about a young woman Bella, who got betrayed and disappointed in life, and decided to lock herself in her apartment and not see the outside world. Suddenly, she gets a call from a “No Caller ID” and has her life completely changed. She now has a friend who helps her see that life is beautiful and puts her on the right track. Bella returns back to life and learns how to love, accept, and respect herself.


Love... 86 years in 4 minutes.
Beth, practical, and River, impractical, meet as children on a playground and end up spending their lives together. They struggle with their differences as they travel though life’s rites of passage.