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On The Verge

On The Verge
A fascinating documentary about two musicians from St. Louis. Mike Safron and Steve Scorfina founded Pavlov's Dog, a well known band from St. Louis but received national attention in the early 70's. Steve Scorfina, who was an original member of REO Speedwagon and started his first band with Michael McDonald at the age of 13. Interviewed by Supe Granda, from Ozark Mountain Daredevils. A delightful history a couple of musicians who were always on the verge of huge careers and played with some of the biggest names in music.

Into the Sea

Into the Sea follows the family of Suleiman Hajazzi as they are relocated from a refugee camp in Greece to more permanent housing. Suleiman, his son and wife recount their journey escaping violence in Afghanistan and their hopes and dreams for their future.


Amina is an Iraqi American refugee and Muslim. Joe is a Trump supporter who was afraid of Muslims in America — until he met Amina. The widening political division and polarization of our world have become so personal, and so volatile, that the very idea of civil, open-minded conversation can seem unreachable at times, and solutions scarce — until you meet Amina and Joe. Their unlikely friendship is the clearest example of how best to listen and collaborate across political divides.

Coastal Requiem

Coastal Requiem investigates the plight of displacement due to climate change amongst five coastal communities around the globe. Weaving Diane Tuft's photography and haikus with deeply personal interviews, the short film portrays the global climate refugee crisis due to rising sea levels.

The Light

A visusal story about how traumatic memoires are stored in the body and mind.
‘The Light’ is a documentary following two people using two different somatic therapies, EMDR and Transformational Bodywork, to overcome their past traumas. It dives into the science behind trauma freezing people in that time and place and how these somatic therapies allow people to unfreeze that experience entirely. In the film, EMDR is outlined by Wendy Conquest MA, LPC, CSAT and transformational bodywork by Fred Mitouer P.h.D.