There's No Word for Us



Two grieving parents face an unimaginable day after losing their child in an all too common tragedy.
Jen and Erik struggle to get through the worst day of their lives - their daughter’s funeral. The grief becomes too much to bear sending Jen over the edge and on the road by herself where she unexpectedly faces what took her daughters life.

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Directed by Jane Rowen
Nora Hawari

Written by Jane Rowen

Production Company Starshadow Pictures

Produced by Jane Rowen
Evan Carver
Nora Hawari
Joanna DeLane

Cast Jane Rowen
Evan Carver
Robin Middleton
Patrick M.J. Finerty
Gwen Van Dam
Bryna Weiss
Paprika Sheehan
Claire Donald
Andrea Torres
Carlos Flores
Irena Murphy