The Misadventures of Mistress Maneater

Films, Thursday | Comedy - New Media - LGBTQ

1H 54MIN

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A romantic comedy...with jagged edges
Ava, Art History PhD dropout-turned-dominatrix, wants OUT. But there’s no safeword for golden handcuffs. But when her mobster ex gives her 30 days to repay a massive loan, she’s forced to agree to one last job—seducing and extorting “Father Dracula,” a small town Episcopal priest. But he brought his own secrets from Serbia, and moonlights as an MMA fighter while unwittingly hiding the world’s greatest lost painting. Not to mention he’s the one hot guy avoiding Ava like loose glitter. Certain he’s embezzling a priceless art collection, will she win his heart only to destroy his life, or doom herself to a custom pair of concrete stilettos? Audiences say, “It’s so much more than just a typical rom-com; it’s smart, funny, dramatic, and pretty damn sexy.”

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Directed by C.J. Julianus

Written by Lorrisa Julianus

Production Company Binary Star Pictures

Produced by C.J. Julianus
Lorrisa Julianus
John Wesley Norton

Cast Lorrisa Julianus
Mickey O'Sullivan
Shannon Brown
Cynda Williams
Bonnie Morgan
Molly Morgan
Robyn Coffin
John Mossman
Adam Christopher
Kalle Jogisoo
Joette Waters
David Lichty
William Lee
Jax Turyna
Bruce Spielbauer
Ruth Kaufman
Brian Barber
Joe Edward Metcalfe
John Hendren
John LaFlamboy
Sandy Gulliver
Chris Corning
James Jensen
John Campanile