The Gift

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You can never be ready for life's curveballs
If there is one thing that is more dear to Noah than anything in the world, it’s his family. He is a young American teenager who lives in an illusionary world where he thinks that there are no secrets between him and his parents, Steve and Sophia, and everything is perfect. On the day of his parents’ 20th wedding anniversary, Noah finds an unexpected red gift box on his doorstep. He is both intrigued and surprised by the discovery. Like any curious teenager, when Noah opens the gift box, he is taken down into a deep, black hole of happy and shocking revelations about his parents’ marriage. He is now in a dilemma. What is he supposed to do? Confront his parents? Let everything be and pretend nothing happened?

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Directed by R B Vigneshwar

Written by R B Vigneshwar

Production Company University of Southern California

Produced by Madeline Gamero

Cast Wesley Brown
Tracy Drolet
Dean Bruni