Tending Clouds



The retrial of her childhood abuser, returning to her homeland where it all happened and now a global pandemic. Reaksmey is ready.
TENDING CLOUDS chronicles the extraordinary life of Reaksmey, a powerful woman fighting for freedom, justice and love. At eight years old, she was sold by her mother to a pedophile. Later rescued by an organization which would change her life forever, she testifies against her abuser in a historic trial resulting in a 210 year prison term, and she dedicates herself to receiving an American education and founding her own business. Now twenty-three, she is moving back to her homeland, relentless in her pursuit to never let others experience what she did, while navigating through the hellish storms of her childhood resurfaced by the relationship with her mother and a retrial of her abuser, forcing her to testify again in the hopes that he will not go free. All the while, navigating those complex relationships in the quagmire of a global pandemic.

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Directed by Joel Sandvos

Production Company Goat Rock Films

Produced by Joel Sandvos
Janey Shugart

Cast Reaksmey Haas (self)