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A legendary, out of place monster turns a divorced woman's dream into a nightmare.
Chupacabra is a legendary werewolf-like creature, used to be in scary stories for kids around Central and South America. A terrible mistake from a new tenant brings this hungry creature into her flat in the city and the nightmare begins.


What you can't see can still hurt you
Haunted by his experiences from the war, a Vietnam Veteran has had enough. Placing motion sensors around his property, he's decided to face his demons once and for all. Unfortunately, he's in for more than he bargained for. Starring Dana Lee (Dr. Ken, Pineapple Express, Rambo) and Nikki SooHoo (Lovely Bones, Stick It, Bring It On, Heathers). Directed by: Brian L. Tan "BLT" Shot & Edited by: Trevor Hollander Producer: Andrea Pasquettin Written by: Jonathan Hirsch Production Designer: Danielle Lee Production Assistant: Yukali Wennekes 1st Assistant Camera: Daniel Appel 2nd Assistant Camera: Michelle Mendoza Make Up Artist: Gabriel Lane BTS Photographer: Mike Adan Gaffer: Eduardo Gonzalez Swing Grip: EJ Manolo Special Thanks: Josh Dove, Melessa Humiston, Hideaway Ranch

The Burglar

A home invasion thriller about race and class.
A wealthy tenant subdues a burglar caught robbing his downtown Toronto condo, but loses control of the situation right before the cops arrive.

The Keeper

The distance between longing and obsession is closer than you think.
A lonely widow yearning for connection, meets a collector of art at a speed dating event. Surrounded by a world of desperation, they make a palpable connection, but what they are looking for in each other is vastly different.

One Last Thing

A broken man haunted by the tragic loss of his wife. A young girl trapped beneath her destructive addiction. Before the night is over, these two lives will intersect and change forever.

Out of Order

Redemption. One step at a time.
When a man awakens in a hotel room and realizes he drunkenly cheated on his wife, a sinister stairwell forces him to tell the truth or risk everything.