In the hectic world of children’s party entertainment, an overly positive and well-meaning “princess” must win over a practical writer
Girls love princesses, and Bree is no exception. As a struggling but very positive actress, she started her own children’s birthday party company, living out her fantasies of being a princess. When Jess, a very practical and feminist writer, is assigned to do a story on female role models, she follows Bree to parties to see if princesses are still ideal heroes for little girls. Even through bratty kids, absent parents, and miserable party conditions, Bree tries to prove that princesses can be strong and independent, and sometimes exactly what little girls need in today’s world.

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Directed by Maritza Gomez

Written by Brittney Lee Hamilton

Production Company B. Lee Productions

Produced by Brittney Lee Hamilton
Kelly Remenik

Cast Brittney Lee Hamilton
Shyrley Rodriguez
Amy Russ