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Don't Tell Mama

Can you keep a secret?
A young man with a long-kept secret becomes conflicted about revealing it to his mother.

Diary Room

What happens on reality TV stays on reality TV.
DIARY ROOM follows Sam-- recent runner-up of the summer phenomenon Big Brother-- who takes an impromptu solo trip to England with his reality TV earnings. While abroad, Sam encounters a handful of strangers who inadvertently guide him in confronting the deep, dark truths he revealed on national television.


Days before her wedding, a young woman has to decide whether or not to tell her fiancé a secret that will change everything.
Reflections is short film that explores how choices we make may change the course of the rest of our lives forever. Just days before her wedding, Cory is confronted by a “mysterious man” who forces her to face the truth about a shocking secret she’s been hiding for years. Does Cory risk losing everything she’s ever known and finally tell the truth? Or does she accept that she will have to cover up the lie she has lived with for so long?

Eat the Rainbow

Fall to Fame

Following his first Grammy nomination, a young, gay rockstar is confronted with the painful price of his ambition.

A Typical Fairytale


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A short film about a woman trying to hold onto the memories of the past.