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In Colors

Nothing is black and white
Lauris, a Latina immigrant adjusting to life in an Arizona border town with her new husband, finds her values tested when Julieta, an undocumented immigrant seeks shelter on their property.

Eat Your Heart Out

Break ups break hearts.
In Wallace’s world, falling in love means giving your heart away. Literally. With her wedding only days away, Wallace must retrieve her heart from Douglas, her first love, and put it back into her chest before walking down the aisle. But when Douglas reveals that he cut her heart to pieces with a butterknife and scattered it around the city, the ex-lovers revisit their old haunts to collect the pieces of Wallace’s broken heart.


Face your demons or forever be chased by them.
An experimental variation on ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS, A young women struggles with love, sex, drugs and memory. Alice has the perfect life, she loves her boyfriend and parties with her friends all the time. She never considered that her behavior might be fueled by avoidance. When Dakin breaks her heart, she is forced to take a deeper look at who she really is, what she's been through and how she has let that impact how she shows up in the world. VISCERA is the visual depiction of Alice's internal journey to unlocking herself.


An Afro-Latina struggles with her identity as she navigates the Hollywood machine.
“Rizo" tells the story of an Afro-Latina actress, Cristina, who struggles with her natural hair during a busy day of auditions. She spends the day trying to fit into a Hollywood-esque "Latina" beauty standard in hopes of booking a role, while her best friend encourages her to write and produce her own material instead. Cristina refuses to do so, instead of focusing her attention on an upcoming "big break" audition. Her hopes are disrupted, however, when the audition takes a turn for the worse.

First Kill

Don’t kid yourself, everything isn’t as it appears.
After best friends Melissa and Rebecca hide the body from their first kill, they find themselves stuck on a deserted country road. A dark comedy of errors ensues, as Melissa’s parents and the local tow truck driver, Barbara, are called to the rescue. When the body is discovered the next day, Sheriff White arrests his main suspect.

Amazing Grace

You may have lost your way, but Grace will lead you home.
“Amazing Grace” tells the story of a young woman looking after her father, a Vietnam Veteran struggling with alcoholism and PTSD, in which dealing with the challenges of everyday life can require an extraordinary amount of patience, understanding, love… and grace.