While attempting to migrate to the US, a mother, Esperanza, and her two children, are faced with a life altering decision.
After struggling for years, a mother, Esperanza, decides to immigrate to the United States with her children, Mateo and Camila, to seek a better life. She was told she had enough money to cross the border illegally and knew that taking that risk was the only option she had. Esperanza, Mateo, and Camila make their way through an underground tunnel to meet the man that is meant to transport them. When he comes face to face with the family, he is shocked with what he sees. He was sent a photo prior to their meeting which included only Esperanza and Mateo, two people. He immediately motions that he is only able to take two people. This interaction is made more difficult because none of them are able to speak as a border patrol guard is on the ground above them. Esperanza immediately panics and is willing to empty her pockets and give this man everything in order for them to stay together. He refuses her offer and tells her to make her decision quick. Esperanza then had to make the hardest decision of her life: does she turn around to her old life just to stay together? Or does she separate her family to give her children a better life? While she has her children wrapped in her arms, they all cry uncontrollably, knowing that this may be the last time they will see each other. The man is in contact with a corrupt cop that is planning on helping them escape. Mateo assures Esperanza that he will be able to take care of Camila, and they embrace one last time. As they exit the man hole, Esperanza is left there, empty, collapsed on the ground with nothing to look at but her past.

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Directed by Chloe Campos

Written by Chloe Campos

Produced by Chloe Campos
Alfonso Campos

Cast Karina Rodriguez
Sofia Chicorelli-Serna
Angel Santiago
Alfonso Campos
Max Berestein