A forbidden relationship. He's hearing, she's deaf. How far will they go to be together?
Claudia, a young deaf photographer, is at the height of her relationship with her musician boyfriend, Matthew. However, her extremely strict hearing mother disapproves of the two’s love and continually abuses Claudia both physically and mentally as punishment. The manipulation eventually gets to Claudia and she isolates herself from Matthew. As time passes and both Matthew and Claudia feel the agonizing pain of being apart, Claudia devises a plan to catch her mother’s acts on camera, while Matthew plots his own solution to rid of the mother. When things don’t turn out as planned, Matthew makes a drastic, self-sacrificial decision in order to prove his desire to be a part of Claudia’s world.

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Directed by Alara Worrick

Written by Ethan Messecar

Production Company SBCC

Produced by Olivia Bergman
Reidun-Margrethe Skaaheim

Cast Emily Grigor
Joel Bullis
Rita Marchelya