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A Lily in L.A.

Lily is here today, gone tomorrow.
An aspiring poet who removes graffiti for a living, catches a street artist red-handed. After a not-so-meet-cute, an unlikely romance forms.

Under the Lights

An Epilepsy Short Film
Sam is a boy with epilepsy so desperate to feel like a normal kid, he goes to prom knowing that the lights will make him have a seizure. Made by epileptic filmmaker Miles Levin, this film serves to be one of the first and only authentic, empathetic depictions of epilepsy in cinema: an effort to represent an invisible demographic of 1 in 26 who suffer from brutal stigma every day.

Nice To Be You

Nice To Be You
While making his way to an unknown destination, a young man faces a difficult dilemma.


An adolescent girl has trained herself to function within the walls of a dysfunctional home, but when forced to face reality she must choose
This film depicts a child's attempt to be an adult in order to keep some semblance of a family together, broken as it may be. This film is for all the kids that have been forced to grow up faster then they deserve. May they not walk alone.

Black Sisyphus: Myth & More

Jamal, played by Marcus Henderson, learns an existential lesson in life, which saves his life.
Black Sisyphus follows the life lesson learned of Jamal, played by Marcus Henderson. This film serves as an endless source of reflection for all viewers. It challenges one to consider what really gives life meaning by using The Myth of Sisyphus as it was presented by existentialist philosopher Albert Camus. But let's give an old myth new flavor by making Sisyphus a brotha, also played by Marcus.