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Southwest 7

Southwest 7
After qualifying for the Olympic trials in the half-marathon, Mike Popejoy went back to his running roots. Southwest 7 is the short documentary story of a vegan-based trail/mountain runner, conservationist, & philosopher whose passion for environmental stewardship & sociocultural responsibility, and reverence & respect for the outdoors, is rivaled only by his love of running to the top of its highest mountains. As fast as he can.

SHOT DOWN: Howard Snyder and the B-17 Susan Ruth

It is our duty to remember.
This documentary short is based on the awarding winning book SHOT DOWN: The true story of pilot Howard Snyder and the crew of the B-17 Susan Ruth written by Steve Snyder. After being shot down by by German fighters over occupied Belgium on February 8, 1944, Steve's father Howard was missing in action for seven months but evaded capture. He was hidden by members of the Belgian Underground for several months and then joined the French Resistance to fight against the Germans. The film is a tribute to Howard, members of the 8th Air Force who fought the air war over Europe during World War II, and to the courageous Belgian patriots who risked their lives to help downed airmen. It also includes Steve's amazing discovery of and resulting friendship with Hans Berger, the German Luftwaffe pilot who shot down the B-17 Susan Ruth, and at the same time, who was shot down by the gunners on Howard's bomber crew.


Sometimes the living must help the dead.
In funeral homes throughout the United States and the UK, there are untold numbers of unidentified and unclaimed remains, 20% of these are Military Veterans. They rest above copiers, on shelves, in lockers, and even in utility closets, unnamed and forgotten. Men, Women, Children and War Veterans. How is it that we know nothing about thousands of unclaimed remains? Two Vietnam veterans try to piece together what happened to private "Donald Sutton" a Korean War Veteran whose remains sat on a shelf of a funeral home for over 40 years. Who was he? Why was he forgotten? How did he die?