Three distinct stories of Knowledge, Empathy, and Action, that expand what it means to be compassionate.
To achieve compassion requires knowledge, empathy, and action. Redefining the word is the thesis for the short anthology movie Compassion. The project consists of three distinct stories that each represent one part of this expanded definition. Part One: Who wouldn’t want a glimpse into the future? Unless that future was an inevitable dark dystopia from which there could be no escape. Part Two: Being forced to empathize with creatures at our mercy would never be easy, but for a good-ol-boy in the south, the experience may just prove deadly. Part Three: In a time-bending drama, an actress finds herself trapped in a story that is dangerously real. Is she stuck to the bitter end, or will flipping the script set her free?

Included with


Directed by Jeff Corpening

Written by Jeff Corpening

Production Company Corpening Media

Produced by Betsy Pearl Cardwell
Jeff Corpening

Cast Lavin Cuddihee
Camila Escobar
Victor A. Hough
Emily Tynan McDaniel
Tamara Seawright
Alina Strauss