Comedy Block #4

Thursday | Comedy - New Media - LGBTQ


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All Men Are Pigs (?)

-C'mon! It's just one bad date! -One?! I wish there was only one!
Lisa, a 20-something comic book store employee, comes to work late after yet another terrible date. Her coworker Vince tries to cheer her up quickly prompting an in depth conversation about Lisa's love life. Maybe through this bonding Vince will be finally able to ask Lisa out or will the famous voice over actor who is in the store for a special signing get in the way?

Granny Knows Best

A lovely granny accidentally goes on a psychedelic trip
A lovely granny accidentally eats her grandson’s psychedelic mushrooms, making her go on a fun disco-like trip. Her grandson finds her tripping and will try everything everything to safe his grandmother, but might have arrived a little bit too late.

Killer Missionaries

When two Mormon Missionaries accidentally kill a potential convert they have to prove how dedicated they are to the Lord.
Elder Bennion is lacking some confidence when it comes to his work as a Mormon missionary, and it's wearing down the patience of his companion, Elder Holloway. The Solution? Put Elder Bennion in charge of teaching their next potential convert! But when things go horribly wrong and the Elders find themselves with a dead body on their hands, they have to decide just how dedicated they are to their church...and to the Lord.

Me Too Nice

Now what?
An excessively nice HR rep struggles to be his true self in the maelstrom of the MeToo movement, until a drunken wish is granted, and he finds himself speaking more honestly than anyone is prepared to handle. (Satirical Comedy)


A movie about defeated fear and sheltering tenderness
Occupied Paris 1943. A group of misfits, comrades in the underground bohemian lifestyle, come together to defy the oppression of the new world order. As a group, they take one final stand to prove the resilience of the human spirit.