Comedy Block #3

Thursday | Comedy - New Media - LGBTQ


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Drūdly: Druids on Demand

Watch out spirit realm: The gig economy is coming for you.
The pilot for a series about gig economy Druids who, through a Cleanly-style app called "Drūdly," intercede with arcane mischief on behalf of NYC's upper crust in exchange for scant tips and shitty reviews. The Magicians meets High Maintenance.

Big Break

So you want to become an actress in LA? How original.
Deena, a young actress, thought it was finally her time to shine when she got a part in a movie with Clooney. But in this industry, people's mind change, projects get dropped, a butt double steals your spotlight and all you're left with is a small clip for your reel and some gas reimbursement. When Deena realizes her scene was removed due to some 'controversy', she takes some drastic measures to make her big break happen.

King Bach Music Video Album

Laughter is the best medicine
Medicine is King Bach's debut album. The comedic visual album features a wide array of genres, from hip-hop to reggae, plus stand-up comedy. Each music video is tied together by a short stand up segment performed by King Bach to create a coherent and narrative driven story.