Come Die With Me



"Be true to you, no matter what - and that's the type of character that never has to worry about being on the run."
Driven out of his job and home and onto a fast path alone, a young man gets lost in an unpublished manuscript telling of heroin busts in 1950's-Texas, written while undercover by the Federal Narcotics Agent himself. As he takes on a life in the shadows, will "Tex Foster" catch up with the modern-day renegade? Or, can an old cowboy's tale rescue the young buck from slipping into a life of drugs and crime?

Included with


Directed by Kurt Kubicek

Written by Mark Schmitz

Production Company Poverty Clique

Produced by Kurt Kubicek
Toby Lindemann
Ryan McWhirter
Jonathan Millard

Cast Tyler Janes
Percy Bland
Carlo La Tempa
Victoria Dyane
Vienna Hayden
Ryan McWhirter
Mezzy SRM