A young southern boy spends the day testing his parents patience.
Synopsis: A young boy, Kip, is caught trying to start his mom's car. In trouble, he anxiously anticipates his punishment from his father, which takes quite the unexpected turn. After a day of working on the ranch the father and son duo find themselves stranded on the side of the road with a broken-down truck. Kip pushes his dad's patience one last time before the day is done.

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Directed by Benjamin J. Murray

Written by Clayton Jones

Production Company Incline Productions

Produced by Incline Productions
Clayton Jones
Keeley Manca
Mark & Kerri Jones
Russell & Kimberly Lambert
Kari Lauritzen
Bob Rosebrock
Shirley Studivant

Cast Clayton Jones
Keeley Manca
Preston Alikre
Sloan Biel
Ruby Biel