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“Cinematographer” explores the life of one of Hollywood’s most prolific artists. It’s a unique, rags to riches story about a man who’s had a life-changing effect on the people around him, both personally and professionally. By sharing stories of his lengthy career, working with filmmakers like Robert Zemekis, John Carpenter, and many more, the film takes a fascinating look at the art of filmmaking in the 1970’s and 80’s The film also focuses on several other award-winning cinematographers and their experiences in the industry, from The Exorcist to Unforgiven. But at the heart of the film is an emotional journey of the road to recovery in an industry that is ripe with dysfunction and addiction. Inspiring, Heartbreaking, and funny, “Cinematographer” shares the story of a truly unique life in Hollywood.

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Directed by Dan Asma

Production Company IFSO Films

Produced by Nicole Jone

Cast Donald M. Morgan ASC Owen Roizman ASC Jack Green ASC