A marriage collapses under its own weight. One woman's struggle with infertility presents her with a troubling choice.
Family takes many shapes in the warm light of day. Between a Woman and Child, a bond is formed. Meanwhile, a menacing threat reveals itself. A beautiful home and picket fence cannot whitewash the fact that the Woman and her Husband’s paths are diverging. They listen but do not hear. For him, it’s not a question of if they can conceive but when. This path is now for her and her alone. The die is cast.

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Directed by Joe Stramowski

Written by Jill DeMonstoy and Joe Stramowski

Production Company Izzy Girl Productions
Figure A. Media and Media Logistics

Produced by William Grimaldi
Gerald Stramowski II

Cast Jill DeMonstoy
Michael Catlege
Ricardo Birnbaum
Leer Leary
Danielle Conforti
Alexia Finley