Animation Block #2

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Fire Underground

Fire Underground is an animated fantasy inspired by the industrial history of Appalachia, which pitches myths of forgotten forests, crawling proto-reptiles, and chthonic infernos against labor history, natural history, and folk culture.

I Wanna Be An Eagle

Watch Petronia dream and soar around New York City with dreams of becoming an eagle!
Petronia is an outgoing sparrow who loves to daydream. She dreams of being an eagle and envisions her self soaring high above and throughout New York City. Petronia enjoys signing, playing music on her recorder, and making wishes by blowing on dandelion “Wishettes." Petronia struggles with her self image, but through her journey she discovers that — with her own gifts and with the help of her friends and family — she can accomplish anything.

The Little Star Rider

Two friends find a way to stick together during life's responsibilities
A little girl and her friend, who is a star, accidentally extinguish the light in a lighthouse and through the adventure, learn about responsibility.


Since the timeless night, on the life's plains, humanity faces the Sorcerers of Evil's indefeasible designs...
Anacronte and the Sorcerers of Evil, without any emotion and fulfilling their destiny, they put to test humanity's happiness in a struggle that, in short, has each of us as winners and losers.

City Sleep

Getting a good night's sleep in the city isn't easy.
The hour is late, but the city is awake. Can Jack find internal peace amongst all the noise and distraction? They won't make it easy on him.


In a black hole apocalypse, one man claims to have the answers. That man's name? Rob Bilford.
The world is about to be swallowed by a black hole. Meteorites fall from the sky, ocean waves take on enormous new heights, and chaos abounds in city streets as people confront their looming demise. The world turns to wealthy entrepreneur, Rob Bilford, whose “Escape Lottery” offers the only chance at continuing the human legacy. Wary of the entire structure surrounding this celebrated lottery, Rana Ralorina, a surfer, decides to ditch her lottery ticket for the chance to catch a cosmic wave. In and outside of a black hole’s gravitational pull, Rob and Rana discover time to take on a new meaning...


'LA DOLCE VITA' is the story of a displaced character. 'Hope', decides to leave his/her war infested city to find a better life abroad. He/She goes on a journey in hoping for finding a purpose in life in the new world but encounters a wall along the way.