Alone Together



Who protects us?
A fierce teenage girl joins the boy’s wrestling team in an effort to regain strength and control after facing sexual trauma. Out of place and alone in her journey, Alex (Naomi Oliver) leans on the image of who she wants to become as she faces insults and criticism from a toxic bully (Adam Elshar) on the team. At home, the truth about both her trauma and her latest struggles on the team have been kept a secret from her well-intentioned father, Hector (Sammy Montero). But his suspicion begins to grow as Alex becomes distant and cold. When Hector confronts Alex, we are left to answer the question — who protects us?

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Directed by Katie Sponseller

Written by Katie Sponseller

Production Company Astroqueens

Produced by Assya Dimova
Katie Sponseller

Cast Naomi Oliver
Sammy Montero
Adam Elshar
Terry Eytcheson
Jasmine Apkako
Henry Vega
Max Leon