Sci-fi / Fantasy / Horror - Block #5

Saturday Night | Night of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror


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Taxi Man

Passengers take a taxi ride confessional to destination unknown.
Jen, Sabrina, and Po are trying to get to the biggest party of the year when they incidentally take a taxi. The Taxi Man transforms the ride into a taxi cab confessional and forces the girls to reflect on their erroneous ways before he transports them to their final destination.


A new proprietary smart home device, ALICE, is always listening to make life easier. When a naive Annabelle searches for romance via a new dating app, she finds an unearthly attractive and peculiar lover. Is luck the matchmaker or is ALICE?


If you knew the love of your life could be brought back from death, would you risk everything for one more hour with them?

The Prospector

A lone man searches for his place in the Universe
THE PROSPECTOR is a science-fiction film about a mysterious asteroid prospector searching the Universe for his fortune. The Prospector’s journey is existential, where he has to look directly at his soul and decide what he is willing to sacrifice to achieve his ambitions.

Artificial Souldier

latino superhero
An insurgent scientist turns a soldier into the ultimate war machine to avenge his parents death.